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Q: How long can I borrow a book?

A: As of March 2020 the loan period for books is one month. A notice will be issued when a change is made. 

Q: What number do I use for reference or to borrow a book by WhatsApp?

A: 635-5872

Q:  What are the opening hours of the library?

A: The opening hours for each community library may vary. Hours and other information about branch libraries can be accessed from the Libraries page within this site.

    *****All branch libraries are currently open from Monday through Friday 9:00a.m. to 6:00p.m.

Q: Can I bring in my bag?

A: Yes, you may bring your bag into the library, but all patrons are encouraged to leave their bags at the front desk.

Q: Where do I go to drop off a donation?

A: All branch libraries accept donations. To donate from outside of Belize contact us through the form on this website for details.

Q: What is the cost of printing?

What is the cost of photocopying?

What is the cost of the internet?

A: Costs for printing, photocopying and Internet use depend on whether the user is a student or researcher. Ask your librarian.

Q: How can I become a member?

A: BNLSIS membership is open to every Belizean citizen. To become a member of the BNLSIS, a membership form can be obtained from the headquarters of any branch or sub-library of the service. The application form must be completed with accurate information and be approved and signed by a Justice of the Peace, religious leader, member of the Library Board, member of the Cabinet, House of Representatives, Senate, City or Town Council. For children attending school, the principal or a teacher can approve and sign the form which should be stamped with the school's seal. On returning the form to the library, and paying a fee of $3.00, the applicant is given a library card to sign, which will be processed and mailed to his/her home address within two weeks.  If the applicant lives outside the city limits and wishes to collect the membership card personally, this is permitted.

Non-Belizeans may become members of the BNLSIS. The same procedure governs the obtaining of a library card as for Belizeans, except that the membership fee is $43.00 initially. The $40.00 is refundable upon leaving the country, and the usual $3.00 membership fee is not refundable.