History Punta Gorda Library

The present Punta Gorda Library building was built in 1978 through funds from the Baron Bliss Trust. From what was gathered through conversations and interviews with some elders and educators around the community, the library was not always where it is presently located.

At First it was said to have been where the present Immigration Office is on Front Street. It was then moved to where is now the Punta Gorda’s Civic Center, which was also the Punta Gorda Town Board Office. Due to congestions the library was moved to the then Punta Gorda Hospital compound, in the upper floor of one of the buildings. This area is now the Belize Bank and exactly opposite the Civic Center.

With a growing population and a big focus on education, the Punta Gorda Town Board and citizens of Punta Gorda Town, lobbied for a new library building. That became a reality when the present library was built, which was originally part of the PG hospital compound.

Over the past years, many people functioned as librarians for the Punta Gorda Library. Each in his/ her own ways have contributed tremendously to the success of the library. Some of these past librarians include: Ms. Alfonsa Arana, Mr. Francisco Vasquez, Icene Arnold, Mrs.Iris Paulino Vernon, Ruth Alavarez, Barbara Augustine, Therese Martinez, Alva Ramirez, Damien Parchue, Christine Alvarez,and Rhonda Sanchez.

In the 1960’s some of the services offered were, book based research, book lending, and newspaper reading. One main attraction of the library was the magazine section. According to Mr. Harris Lucas, Principal of St. Peter Claver Primary School, “People would rush to the library to read the new arrivals in magazines.” These magazines include Timeline and Newsweek. They were rare, but the PG library would always have some editions.

Today, the PG Library is still proud to offer these services among many others. A wider variety of Magazines is available at the library. Today, they are still a main attraction!



Contact Information for Punta Gorda Public Library

Library Assistant: Ms. Elzena Labriel                         Hours:

Address: Front Street                                                 Monday-Friday 9 am-7 pm
                   Punta Gorda Town                                      Saturday 9 am-1 pm

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