History of Sandy Hunter Public Library

The Sandy Hunter Library was inaugurated on February 23, 1982 by the then Prime Minister Hon. George Price. The Library was named in honor of Alexander (Sandy) Hunter, former Minister of Trade and Industry.

When Sandy Hunter retired from politics in the 1970s, the Orange Walk cane farmers, in appreciation of the efforts he had put into building the sugar industry, presented him with a gift of $80,000. Mr. Hunter, in accepting the gift, requested that the money be used to benefit the people of Orange Walk Town. In this relation, the Cane Farmers Association and the Orange Walk Town Board agreed that a library be built.


With additional funding from Central Government and the Baron Bliss Trust, the Sandy Hunter Library was built on the site formerly occupied by the hospital. The Library today stands as a monument to a true Belizean patriot, who sought to improve the standard of life for the residents of Orange Walk Town.

The Library offers full-time service to students and the general public. One of its achievements is an annual summer camp which caters to over 200 youths, and includes activities such as arts and crafts, and story-telling.

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2010: Media room constructed
2009: Handicap accessible ramp



Contact Information for Orange Walk Library

  Library Assistant: Ms. Shamira Carillo                    Hours:

  Address: Hospital Crescent St.                               Monday-Friday 9:00am-7:00pm
                     Orange Walk Town                                  Saturday 9:00am-1:00pm

  Phone:    501.302.2167

  E-mail:   sandyhunterlib@bnlsis.org

Blog:         sandyhunterlibrary.blogspot.com