Hattieville Community

The History of the Hattieville Library started back in the early 1980’s in a small room located in the community center, and it was managed by Mrs. Castella Ysaguirre, a retired teacher of the community.

Mrs. Ysaguirre recalls working in the library three days a week for one hour, with a monthly stipend of $22.00 and was under the supervision of Mr. Vernon and Mr. Hulse from the NLS, with Ms. Joy and Mr. Bevans doing regular visits.

The library stock was pretty small and not much reference materials was available to cater for high school students, but it did serve the purpose of encouraging children to read, with the variety of children’s literature that was available.

The library had flourished for all those years, until 1991 when Mrs. Ysaguirre left to go to the states and because no one took over the library, and lack security, vandals destroyed the library.  Books, furniture and fixtures were all destroyed when she came back, and so the library was closed down.