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I recently grabbed a new pair of 3m 13s for sale running shoes and I had no idea how worn down my old pair was until I slipped on the new ones. They were so supportive and are so much nicer to wear.

These were some great looking shoes- while most hiking shoes get bad rap for looking drab, these Timberland shoes break the mold by looking sharp and being available in great shades. These shoes feel solidly made. The light weight was the best part of this shoe. While this shoe felt solid enough to last on hiking and backpacking trips, it was buy 3m 13s comfortable enough for everyday use. The ankle height was great too- it was comfortable and durable as well. We took these out on a long hike and found these to be dry, free from sweat and moisture. In addition, since we did our hike just around fall, we were also able to evaluate the insulation. On cool morning hikes, we found that these shoes kept our feet perfectly warm.

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