History Crooked Tree Community

Crooked Tree is a village located 35 miles North of Belize City with a population of a little over 750. In 1985 a library was opened in the Community Center. The funding for the library was made possible by C.O.D.E. and with support from the Village Council and assistance from the National Library Service.

A few years later the library was transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture Building. It was there until it was completely destroyed by fire in 1997.

In 2002 a Peace Crops Volunteer working in Crooked Tree by the name of Mr. Ben Richard observed the need for a library in the village.

With dedication and vision the library received assistance from the Belize Lions Club, Belize National Library Service, Government of Belize SWAN Project and the Community, Crooked Tree, making the vision became a reality.

The library reopened its door to the public on March 15th 2003.

Community Librarian working presently is Ms. Cinida Villanueva.