History of Burrell Boom Library

Librarian: Mrs. Magdalena Stewart
Opening Hours
Tuesday & Thursday
3:00-5:30 p.m.

The Burrell Boom Community library was opened in 1993 with its then librarian Ms. Louise Trijeque. Managing the library was also Ms. Ann Usher, Ms. Joyce Tillett, and Ms. Juanita Bailey. In an interview with Ms. Tillett she recalled the library in existence in the year 1959 but could not recalled day or month when Mr. Bradley started the library in the old school building. She also remembered Ms. Alma Gillett who passed away some years ago once managed the library, and Ms. Erlene Baptist who also manage the library, while I went to the state and due to some unfortunate circumstance she had to left upon my return from the state I thought of those children and went to ask Mr. Bevans for the key and started again.

Ms. Tillett recalled that they had to attend workshops at least three days a week almost every month. Ms. Magdalena Stuart was a regular user of the library after watching her grow up in the library I asked her if she could come in and assist me on Tuesday and Thursday. This was in October of 2003 where I finished working for the month and she take over in November 2003.