Belizean Research

The National Collection Catalog is always available to search for books, CDs, DVD’s, newspapers and other materials about Belize and Belizeans.

The Library page can give you access to the catalog for the library nearest to you.

National Heritage Library catalog
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“Culture is anything and everything one generation hands down to another. We must faithfully record and store these treasures for the inspiration, the instruction, [and] the edification of future generations.” – Mr. Ted Palacio Principal of Belize Teacher’s College p. 3 The New Belize Vol. iv no. 4 December 1976. “Cultural Sensitivity: Like a Fish in its Elements.”


Belizean biographies from A-Y


The Belize VHL initiative was launched by PAHO/WHO Belize in October 2003 as a means of joining the expanding network of Internet libraries on health sciences information throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. This initiative is intended for users countrywide and regionally with assured universal access to scientific and technical information.

Belize virtual health library

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The EvIDeNCe Portal is a continuously updated repository of research, syntheses and Caribbean policy-relevant documents. The Portal includes clinical, population health and health systems research but excludes basic/biomedical research. The EvIDeNCe Portal is built on the following resources BIREME’s Virtual Health Library, which provides both a very powerful search engine and a remarkably diverse array of published and grey literature.


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