Activities of the BNLSIS public and national branches

  • Promote literacy and lifelong learning through educational tours and school visits
  • Update and publish Belize’s national bibliography
  • Assist with the development of community and school libraries through training and access to BNLSIS infrastructure
  • Conduct annual nationwide initiatives such as the Summer Reading program and a rotating story reading contest
  • Host ongoing programs for youth and elders including storytelling
  • Collect, preserve and conserve the national output
  • Provide access to Internet services; photocopying services; research assistance; also Community Information Services (via bulletin boards, pamphlets, etc.)
  • Issue International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN) on behalf of CARICOM.

Quality Education


Summer Programs, Storytelling, Toddlers story time, Interactive Reading, Early Childhood development programs (Child Stimulation Month) Math tutorial and science, Education Week, SMART Program/Math and English, Doorstep Tales, Educational displays/lectures, as well as hosting school visits.


Sustainable Cities and Communities

sustainable development

Teaching the youth about being safe, driven and to in any event keep out of trouble.

Students conduct community service by volunteering at the library for 20 to 40 hours during a semester.

The library hosts an open mic event for spoken word artists to share their work as well as the work of others.

Gender Equality

gender equality

Women’s Department conducted talks about violence against not only females but also males. Furthermore, both genders were encouraged to contact relevant authorities in the event of abuse.

Female artists from multiple disciplines discussed their experiences to reach their current prominence.

Reduced Inequalities

reduce inequality

The mobile library visits schools and villages where there is no library. The patrons are urged to join the library so as to borrow books and materials, for recreational, research and other reasons. The Mobile library also has personnel/s that perform live story readings, drama and performances.

To ensure that every child has equal rights and access to learning a special education tutor comes to the library to assist autistic children